Tuesday, March 31, 2009

emotional atyachar

internship..is yet another emotional atyachar...
i hate kids..first of all n now...i hate myself for loving kids..man ...
u try so hard to save a little life...satisfactorily u sleep..n morning u r bk 2 ward that baby is no more.. tears roll down..i curse my self for not being proffessional...
i m still such a cry baby..ppl call me ruthless...i can be so at times...but m sensitive to god damn everybody n anybodys pain !
ah ..i m just waiting dis pedia buisness to be over n go to JJ
that ward n patients n fellow soldiers and the NAzi ruler...pathetic mechanical stuff that we do coz nurses dont...nd the herculian duty hours 24 ..30... sometimes more....maramari n fruitless strikes in civil..utterly useless dean...no stipend !!!
its too much distraction to study for entrance or say living a normal life...
plz yaar they shd make a realistic serial on life of INterns !!
not like dil mil gaye..........plz NO hosp pays interns to persue Love in ward !!
interns have to Work...
uff yeh emotional atyachar :)

good bye

विश्वासच बसत नाही की धुळ्यातली ४ १/२ वर्षे ..संपली पण...
तिसरीत भूगोलात लोहमार्ग काढायला लागायचे ना तेव्हा माझा एकदा लक्ष गेल होत... धुळ असही एखाद गाव आहे !
मी फ़क्त १७ १/२ वर्षांची होते ekde aale tevha
..and trust me i was happy !
a very happy relief from a place called YAWATMAL..
आणि आता १० दिवसानंतर मला इथे परत रहाव लागणार नाही ..
i am going back to my home..back 2 parents..friends..people who love me..
a place where my academics and research n poetry will be appreciated...
will i get to act again..sing my own song..release them..lancet publication...pg seat..
yes..my life awaits...n i m going bk..

dhule..d sole reason for surviving dhule..is my seniors n dr dravid sir , mam, n all teachers ...coz they understood our ambitions..our battle to stay in competition with kem n other mumbai n puna n aiims n all other guys..it didnt matter whether we succeeded or not..i wanted to fight..rather that being a so so student of a pathetic college..n after dravid sir left.. college was a living hell for all those who were over ambtitious like me...

life is strange..i hated being away from home first..then 1st yr on..life was never so exciting..hostel life..friends..ah those days...no body must ve enjoyed hostel life n mbbs as my group did ! we rocked ...second yr was d best...all amazing achievements.. winning quizes n research ..acad..drama..orchestra..poetry..wat not..
climax was kvpy..asian conf..mummas sa re ga ma pa...
but on personal front ...very bad days after my gathering.. broken frindships...heartbreak..
i m glad i survived all d emotional trauma too...
and finally when we r free from all the academical n social restrictions of socialising...me n my frinds are gonna split...
all the happiness n sorrow ..n all ppl that i met here..good bad n ugly..
i ll never forget these dhulia days...
but never want to come back here...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

भ्रूण हत्या..

बरच आहे एका अर्थी..

लाडके, मला शक्य असत तर ..

मी दिलं असत तुला मोकळ तुझ आभाळ..

आणि भरल असत आत्मविश्वासाच बळ..

बरच आहे एका अर्थी..

मातृत्वासारख्या स्वयंपूर्ण भावनेला लागतो आधार..

अजूनही इथे..एक बापाच नाव..एक लग्नाचा करार..

बरच आहे एका अर्थी..

महिलादिनाला हसतात सगळे पुतळे अन तसबिरी..

बैलांचा पण साजरा होतो पोळा..उरलेल्या ३६४ च काय ?

बरच आहे एका अर्थी..

वाचवलच आहे मी तुला अस समज..समजून घे तू तरी..

जिवंतपणी भोगाव्या लागणार्‍या जाचातून सुट्लीस खरी..

बरच आहे एका अर्थी..

बरच आहे एका अर्थी..

happy woman's day !


एक अमिबा..

दोन अमिबा..


एक भ्रष्टचाराच्या..

हजार फांद्या फाटे..


जाळायला जाणारा स्वतःच राख होतो

my N 95

i m lost...that stupid 8gb data storage device is in some one else's hand..never realized its worth..i guess..i ve lost a part of me...some priceless memories of last 1 yr....my poem drafts..my compositions..thousands of photos, videos..everything....whosoever gets that thing shall suffer..................................

Sunday, March 1, 2009

मला प्रचंड राग येतोय...काल NOC मिले पर्यंत में अगदी हताश झाले होते..पण आज फ़क्त राग येतोय..पण मला रागवायचा ह्क्क नाही...आमच्या सारखी मुल हक्कासाठी भांडत नाहीत म्हणून system मधले लोक माजतात.. इट्स टाइम to get into the system..to change it !!!


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