Tuesday, March 31, 2009

emotional atyachar

internship..is yet another emotional atyachar...
i hate kids..first of all n now...i hate myself for loving kids..man ...
u try so hard to save a little life...satisfactorily u sleep..n morning u r bk 2 ward that baby is no more.. tears roll down..i curse my self for not being proffessional...
i m still such a cry baby..ppl call me ruthless...i can be so at times...but m sensitive to god damn everybody n anybodys pain !
ah ..i m just waiting dis pedia buisness to be over n go to JJ
that ward n patients n fellow soldiers and the NAzi ruler...pathetic mechanical stuff that we do coz nurses dont...nd the herculian duty hours 24 ..30... sometimes more....maramari n fruitless strikes in civil..utterly useless dean...no stipend !!!
its too much distraction to study for entrance or say living a normal life...
plz yaar they shd make a realistic serial on life of INterns !!
not like dil mil gaye..........plz NO hosp pays interns to persue Love in ward !!
interns have to Work...
uff yeh emotional atyachar :)


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  2. doctor, खरंच आहे. पण अशा वेळी डोळ्यांतून पाणी नाही आले तर मग जास्त प्रश्न पडतील ..
    पण ब्लॉग छान आहे , संदीप वरची कविता फार छान ..
    All The best

  3. hey thanks..mazi kavitanchi community bagh..u may find some more likable poems..:)



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