Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 2 swiss diary
today was one of the most amazing days of my we visited the jung fro ..heighest pt of was quite like visiting was all snow..i have been on mt peaks before but this was sum height..there is this huge building erected on mt top..there is cafe on 1st floor.. then there is ice sphinx and ice palace...well local meal that we tried sucked! and so did champeigne..yes it tastes horrible...i bet my nail polish remover wud be better...sphinx was just a view gallary to view outside scenery..but it was all fog..didnt see a was like a plain canvas..but the rest of switzerland ..engelberg..where i m staying..jungfro..interlaken..luzern..has been so beautifully painted by nature..really u look anywhere and everywhere..its like a beautiful picture...on jungfro ..there was this thing called ice plateu..simply to go out of the building and on top of europe..all snowy..windy..truely a gush of adrenaline...there is a flag of switzerland at the heighest pt there..first i was scared..but then ..i remembered the first step when i was learning rappling in of the scariest moments..and i conqured it..sorry gotta go ll finish this post tomm...guten nacht..

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