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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

swiss ....

swiss diary..day 1 atta ekde 9 vajlet ratriche..i m probably the only person to have communicated from heaven, yup switzerland is an absolute heavenly place...this swiss delight really rocks..after mumbai to dubai n dubai to zurich..wonderful emirate flights..nd little dubai airport exploration..i came here this afternoon..and we visited luzern , which is d tourist capital of switzerland..a metro city type..malls n swiss banks n usual metro feel...cruize on lake lucrene later was simply amazing..all alpine background..beautiful swans..blue waters..all the while , coming from zurich to luzern or luzern to engelberg...everywhere it was lush green medows..famous swiss cows , horses, even ostriches... alpine forests, snow top mountains, and swiss cottages, springs...gosh ..here nature and man are so close...seriously it is a paradise...and switzerland is very neat, clean , disciplined..i had expected that i ll be inspired to write some poetry here...but today i was stunned..all that i wanted to do was to imbibe those beautiful views in my mind..clicked a lot of photos obviously...tour has its own advantages..food n accomodation rocks..charo taraf snowy mountains hain :) what i really want is to cum back here ..simply as a mountaineer..want to explore switzerland on bicycle..do all advanture sports stuff...i still ve a chance of skiing..lets see...i was missing my friends n mum alot..i hope one day i cum bk here with them as well..one thing i realized on this 1st day itself ..is that swiss is too beautiful to be explored in 7 days..plus i m also looking fwd to knowing ppl nd culture of this country..so i ve already started planning for many more swiss trips to cum..

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