Friday, August 28, 2009

no spoonfeeding..

i am hibernating these days..yeah havent seen any posts or poems lately..but dont worry.. my life still the same..full of thousand persuits, that you all love to hear about... but all that some other time..
okay for now.. here are some of the very interesting things i read abt this week....its ur job to find out abt them..u can..what i promise is that its worth the effort !
here we go-
1. Neuro- aerobics - few simple things to do for mental fitness..train ur brain..
2. high frequency trading- must if you invest and are unaware...
3.Gulzaar- he turned 75 and still awesome..dhan te nan, jay ho n many....
4. Acharya atre n Pula..hyanchyashi ajun hi apaan relate hou shakto ka? tumhala kaay vatata..
5. Asambhav ends...finally..cheers to satish n chinmay...gr8 work :)
6. Sa re ga ma nave parva... i hope with grooming they ll sing better..
7. linguistic schizophrenia- kumar ketkar , loksatta....must read....

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