Wednesday, September 16, 2009

पाउस असा का बरसावा ?
मनात खोल खोल रुजे..
तू असा डोळ्यात येता..
सारेच.. कसे.. हळवे.. ओले..

आठवणींच्या आल्या सरी..
आठवणीच या परि..
भिजत उभी अजून मी..
वाट जरी अंधारली.. का पाहिली ?

चिंब न्हाउनी आर्त मी..
कोरडी उरले तरी..
साजणाच्या मिठीतही..
तुझी आसवे पोचली.. बोचली..

पाउस असा का बरसावा ?
पाउस असा का बरसावा ?


तु़झ्या शब्दांनी कासावीस होण्यासारखं
जगात दुसरं सुख काय ?
पण ते मा़झ्याकरिता नाहीत
मी काय करू ? हाय !

वेदनेला अर्थ भिडतो,
वाटते जन्म जाहला..
श्वास कुठे अडकतो रे?
असे भान यायला..

जालीम आहे रे औषधच..
प्यावे तडफडावे, कसे सहावे?
कडेलोटावरही या मी खूशच..
मरावे तर अशा शब्दछळाने !

अ़क्षरांचे व्रण काळजावर उरलेले..
आवाजात सारे थांग बुडलेले..
होते कुणा कुणासाठी जे जपले..
मोजकेच उसासे ते ही अता विरले..

सगळ सगळ गमावून जे मिळत..
त्यावरच हक्क सांगते आहे..
तुझ्याच शब्दांवर उधळण्यासाठी..
ती अनाम ओढ मागते आहे...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Back to 1990s…
We had a simple phone..
Those days when there was a middle person called operator , who would connect us to our distant relatives..those days of trunk calls..
Days.. when not every family had a telephone..and neighbours would come to your house to take a long awaited call about somebody’s death, birth or marriage…

I remember dad’s ISD call was used to be a big family event…and how I used to revise now n then ..
About things I must tell him, utterly important, like fights in school, how mum scolded me and he should scold her back..
and my long list of ‘don’t forget to bring’ things…and tell him especially everything which came under “don’t tell daddy ” category..
It used to be like some undercover detective reporting her chief…busting a secret like somebody’s ill health or those sort of things overheard while pretending to be asleep..
not understanding that he is alone abroad..n ll be worried…anyways I was remarkable in running a fortnight’s summary in a minute or so….
Just loved my job!

Local calls were virtually nonexistent…only at the time of some emergency…
and people used to write letters.. some days back my dad showed me a couple of letters I wrote to him…one says….
Dad, I m a big girl now, I can cook rice n tea..i have mastered cooking..
and I am sure though I was such a master cook at age 5 ..i wasn’t even allowed to cross a road on my own..and I thought there is nothing edible beyond varanbhaat n chahaa…
Of course Dosa n ice cream whenever we went to a restaurant…
Menu cards were something to be enchanted aloud as means of throwing some temper tantrums..until you heard..
"Okay okay…a big vanilla scoop for you! "

And PCOs were some places of picnic..
i ve spent hours n hours some kind of temple visits…
and while the accompanying adults made their calls…
I loved to count coins and stack them, if the owner was kind enough..
or entertain people with some new poem learnt in school…observe people…
and watch the pulse meter in the booth..100 rupees was a big amount back then…
There were real holidays…weekends, school holidays..
in fact school was as much an enjoyment as holidays..
great summer holidays.. can u imagine.. without any summer classes.. not studying at all! All sort of imaginary role plays..playing detective was my favourite..white chalks were microphones and pink ones were detonators :)
playing around all the time...and surrendering only when mum said..
“Enough now.. come back at this instant or sleep alone tonight..”

And today I don’t even have a Sunday off for months… I don’t remember the last time I went to a PCO fact I don’t remember going to my new neighbour’s house at all..
Today I eat every single meal at some restaurant or canteen..and believe it or not my cooking talent has gone into disuse atrophy :)
I cant live without my mobile for one good n dad call each other all the time.. i m so much connected to my family n friends that I somehow miss , missing them…
It feels as if my whole childhood was some fairy tale.. so unreal..those days..

The girl with two tiny hair bows covered with big aster flowers…
who thought nothing in this world is impossible for her…I miss her…she was fun….
i wish I could just call her up some time…she would love that.. because as far as I can recall…
her biggest wish was to grow up super fast and become somebody…
somebody very much like me :)


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