Sunday, December 13, 2009

Being Girly girl…

Statutory warning: this post is not at all about any transgender
feelings or issues, real or fictitious…its just about
the sensitive issue of my haircut…
any pervert comments are severely discouraged :)

It was our first Jean’s day in college..
i was nervous wrek..coz it was 8 months since my ass had the comfort of denim..
(happy days for parents..coz they were anti-denim…I was told…good girls shouldn’t were ‘em…coz jeans are provoking….!!!!!!!! ????…pahleezzzz ! parents !!
they take so much time to grow up !!! )

Jeans day ! yeah..
And rest 364…salwar kameej.. and we were not allowed to look good…courtesy teachers, seniors and parents…in that order…
I am not kidding…it was a very official policy of SBHGMC…till very recently…

I remember in second year , me and Rupashree had decided to initiate a revolution…after all, we were “shree2“…The Official rebels of 04 batch…it was our duty to fight against this injustice !!
So ..we went to posting in style.. came back and swore.. never again!…
Eh..uncivilized civilians of civil hospital…

Its difficult to go out in Dhule in numbers less than 6 , looking even nearly good… once i had to stop our dear rickshawala kaka from getting his hands on a couple of lukkhaas !
not that I don’t love Maramari..i was getting critically late for a movie !!

So the first jeans day….
I was happy!...i dressed up in style, for the eve function…had a great time…every one told me I was looking smart…I was on cloud 9…then I went to mess to get rid of hunger pangs ..and…………

“BAHER Ho….” Mess wali Aji yelled at me…..
I was stunned…I looked at my shoes..i thought I just had accidentally painted on crystal clean floor that she loves to clean…NEVER in years..

“Ram Ram Ram…Girls mess madhe Mula Yayla Lagli !!!! “

And I was the laughing stock that week…….

Still I refused to give up my boyish looks…just got rid of my fashion consultant…my mom !

Now a days, I don’t mind looking beautiful …still there are times…I feel that I want a boycut again…But I possess a written sworn statement from 24 friends that they will kill me…If I do so….

A couple of days back..while I was returning from a movie…

“hey beautiful” and a song followed…”woh pehlee bar jab hum mile”
And I almost thought , damn these hair !!
But damn my guts…
“woh pehlee bar hum jail gaye…”

And there was silence in the campus my lord…
May be because I sing well you know…:)

I am still such a paange baaj tomboy at heart…

I don’t remember how and when…but eventually my friends had groomed me to be this Girly girl… end of second year.
I still got a DCH cut once there after….but I din like it…I saw in the mirror..
And accepted once for all…that I am this beautiful girl and I have to live with that…eh whatever !

I will never forget the look on mess wali Aji ka face, when my friend hugged me and told her..
“She is a girl !! “

Yup a pretty one :)

I read Linda Goodman yesterday…yeah I know I know.. I am not twenty two-teen…oh sometimes u have to forgive yourself…
Just the Capri part…and guess what I am prototypical !!!
And I used to think I was anything but that !!
Cheers …
To being a lovely January girl..

I doodle starry skies..
Walk to mountain tops..
Romance ghosts of past..
Seeking misty forecasts..
Oh I am a January girl..

Hauntingly beautiful poem..
Growing younger as you chant..
Little birdie’s twitter & chime..
Glittery spells and star dust..
Oh I am a January girl..

Love me and know ..
Made of fairy tales & snow..
Its my magical kiss..
Giving dreams, Angel wings..
Oh Baby, I am a January girl..


  1. Don't you touch that hair, ever! :-)

  2. :D :D :D wa haircut aahe ka ajun

  3. @ deep.. nah, i snapped out of that yrs back..

  4. This is one of the best posts I have ever read.. Though I dont understand much of marathi, your blogs are a pleasure to read.. Keep them coming.. :)



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