Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tie tie fish !!!

I hate fissh !
Having said it million times before..i say it once more..
i have always had a notion..that it ll fire back one day..and it did !

To make my critical contribution towards- Rashtriya Grameen Arogya Abhiyaan aka NRHM, i have to work in a Prathmic Arogya Kendra, PHC..yup thats in a village place..miles away from comforts of

I got my posting order..the first thing which came to my notice was that d poor intern has to make her own food arrangements ! ( sangat hote ..swayampak shik, pan aikanaar kon, iti P. Pu. Mumma ! )
Okay.. No big deal.. I was brave enough to eat swiss local meal !!
"Mukkam post " meal couldnt have been worse !

So, much excited abt this new "mission" .. Armed with bread butter n jam ! ..i went to this place..changed trains twice.,a roller coster dum-dum ride.. Just a km short of my destination ..i sniffed danger !! ...

The whole gaon earns its bread butter, by fishing, and related processing..once learnt in Bhoogol..and on the way to my PHC..THE ROADS ARE FLOODED WITH FISH..SMALL AND BIG..DEAD AND STARING AT ME , i dont even know their names !!
Fish is in the air..its everywhere !

And i clinched my hanki, perfume wipes..aimed at invisible enemies with a spray..n after every possible warfare..settled on an antiemetic finally.!

Dont remember anything much cointerns obliged to help..while i dozed.. Better than fainting and breaking ligaments..sure..

On way back, near to mumbai..i came outta this olfactory shock..courtesy, a red rose!!

So this year , i m celebrating valentine's early and for two months back to back...
Love is in the air :)

P.s (post shock) n why ??!&$§!

Why is it that even far away PHCs are blessed with full ön network, but jj campus isnt..

I had to drive kms for water in dhule..n now have to run outta hostel to receive a simple call.. N i cant even decide which is worse !

I enter d PHC, On the verge of fainting..and the generous Medical officer says..oh you must b hypoglycemic, eat my tiffin..its fish !
..strike 2 !!

Dont you wanna know wat happened to my bread butter n jam??
Me too..!
It just disappeared..!
Verry !!


  1. very fact that u have posted this blog @ 2;29 am ..tells me da story ..i can smell something fishy there ..hahaha !!
    good one anu ..was real entertaining 2 read ..



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