Saturday, March 6, 2010

@पिंगळावेळ by G.A.

Stranger, think long before you enter,
For these corridors amuse not passing travellers.
But if you enter, keep your voice to yourself.
Nor should you tinkle and toll your tongue.
These columns rose not, for such as you.
But for those urgent pilgrim feet that wander
On lonely ways, seeking roots of rootless trees.
The earth has many flowery roads;choose one
that pleases your whim, and the gods be with you.
But now leave! Leave me to my dark green solitude
Which like the deep dream world of the sea
Has its moving shapes; corals; ancient coins;
Carved urns and ruins of ancient ships and gods:
And mermaids, with flowing golden hair
That charm a patch of silent darkness
into singing sunlight.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. hey stop this non sense...

    tumhala tond dile mhanun tumachi wedana mothi ka? ki tumache narade motha awaj karte mhanun tumhi great?

    Seeking the roots of rootless trees was your choice. Then what are you crying for? It's not that seeking tired you, it the fear... what if the tree is rootless. How can you believe so easily,in your own theory of rootlessness. You might get cheated as you are, so many times! Or is it a wish?


    Huh.. I do agree GA, somehow, we know, somehow, little bit about these trees...N that is what we we were taught, even-though we never looked forward to learn it.. and now...I find beauty in there.. chhinichya ghawani dagadache tukade udawale... ata ekach ichha... murti sakaru de!

    Leave me to my dark green solitude

    GA tumchya mule lokancha wihswas basato.. ki je tyana watate te ankhin hi konala watate.. ani te khare asel...

    rhawa na tumchya dark green solitude madhe..kashala express karata.. swami lihita..???

  3. hey, given the person that he was, no surprises that he put it on cover page of "pingalavel"
    i think its a wonderful poem about an artist's ego..

    whats your favourite amongst GA's stories ?...yes he was a man who valued his dark green solitude most...but what came out of that creative darkness, some good stories..

    and thank u..its nice to read a comment finally !



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