Wednesday, April 21, 2010

think again..

I am afraid,
that they will love me

follow me,
I may become a religion

should it dawn,
day, I be thy hero

or mercifully spare,
I die alone as none

beloved people,
perhaps I should scare you

now is time,
than to let you dream

of tomorrow,
when I leave you stranded

with regrets,
of your conviction 'she's right'

of waking up,
that you followed 'I must'

left answers,
chose wrong questions, not yours

a misguided quest,
my own leisure, you realize

wasn't yours,
not even the choice 'no'

things happen,
as probability forces into existence

to be..
or not to be, indeed

is, isn't it?
a consequential yet funny question !

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Congratulations, I'm Sorry, and everything in between...

Wait, i don't want yet, to let you go

yet, not the first time i told you so..

untimely moments captured on my lips

intimate torture to lovingly cherish..

dreams and lies will cloud starry skies

and blink as i tell never ending stories..

it is then i will remember your pretentious gaze

feeling bit pretty and lot stupid at the same...

- Stargazer Lily

Sunday, April 11, 2010

smothered with love :)

i was searching for a baby poem to congratulate my sis..
i thought of writing one..but motherhood is one feeling,i feel i cant do cent percent justice to, not yet..
thats when i stumbled upon this phrase..

smothered with love..

smothered with love ?

at times...

so comfortable while loving..aren't we?..

yet not at ease while being loved..

smothered with love..

at times !

anyways,i managed to like one poem and here it is..

you are more perfect

than I could have hoped,

more beautiful than I could have dreamed,

more precious than I could have imagined,

I love you more than
I could have known.

Monday, April 5, 2010

i love the impossible...

i managed to crash the local train, 5:22 pm kalyan ,
if u dont have any idea how loaded those things become , station by station ,
hmm ..imagine 100 people in a room..
yeah...if u manage to breathe and stand without accidental screams.. u r a winner !

" thana local pakadaychee na..evdha samaan...i dont think u can get down..
its impossible ! "

Catty green eyes, the air of confidence, the 'know it all grin'..

i bet her great great grandmother was cousin of brother in law of my great great grandmother..or something of that sort...

ah..its one of moments where i greatly regret the profound moment of my conception , where i missed out on that beautiful genetic trait of iris color...

KOBRA s are such stingy creatures..

i m not green and sadly not that stingy anymore..

i evolved past sarcasm..because i feel it has become so obvious that it has lost its charm..

so due to the enormous confidence shown by my genetic relative on my decision making ability..which i should have ignored as a mere phenotypical expression..

my face was looking very upbeat,...oops.. see.. sarcasm is so innate..

okay ...i was a puppy who went for a walk in a storm... like a kid spinning around believing he is Shaktimaan..knocking self out.. dizzy on ground..

yeah so sad...
to have grown up idolizing doordarshan superheros..

yeah i was so sad...

but 4 aunties din like the final sentence awarded to me by supremo.. they decided to prove her wrong..

and in an exceedingly miraculous chain of events in time and space..i got out at my station.. alive n kicking !

we even got some mass cheering...

i thanked everyone..

i love the impossible..that really gets me going..and make it possible..

its stupid to pamper ones ego.. but just need to feel good by such trivial triumphs..
i guess.. at times when nothing else is going so well..

i waved at my relative victoriously..

silently praying..

I hope she does not turn out to be my mother in law..

its okay if my kids dont have cat eyes..

may be brown eyes are not that bad :)

we need to evolve, people !


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