Monday, July 19, 2010

on the edge...

Watching a Nolan movie is breathtaking...his screenplays and cinematography are so brilliant..but the reason i love him most.. his timelines..they are so chaotic, u cannot afford to be distracted...he has you on the edge..

but inception is special...i love its relative complexity...inception is not complex but at least its doesn't insult your intelligence..may be just that i have seen too many mediocre it relativity or seems really really good...

dreams are such wonderful things..i am a vivid dreamer..but i dream on only 2 levels max...and nolan with his 3 levels and limbo! is just beyond my dreams...

inception...reunited me with my thought..that answer to the ultimate questions are perhaps ,on the edge of reality and dreams...just we need to go deeper..

i mean Big bang seems like a conscious explosion..amneable to even some weak force like organised..

but amid my subconscious chaos, dreams and relativity, "I" which is comfortable with the idea of bursting and expanding into nonexistance, without being governed by gravity or electromagnetic or any force, without any truth absolute or relative to hold on to....there is something in the reality that i live in, that holds me to it and together..

and as lovely as it would be to wake up in some parallel reality after death...
i just hope, that this whole ideation is not anyone else's Inception...
or even worse..i hope its not my defense to continue living without seeking escape..

p.s. i was so preoccupied with this..for past week i ve been dreaming on 3 levels..
its fun..give it a ? inception..ideas are indeed most infectious :)


  1. True, 100% with you first para, he plays with chronological sequence and you cannt afford to relax in between.
    You take in last 2 paras is also interesting. Found a nice blog after so many days!

  2. i thought you would like this blog!

  3. hey thanks, i ll check it out :)



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