दोन प्रकारची माणसं शांत झोपतात. एक ज्यांना स्वप्नच पडत नाहीत अन एक ज्यांची स्वप्नं पूर्ण होतात. माझ्यासारखे काही अर्धवट झोपेत, उठ्ल्या क्षणाला रागात जागे होत, स्वप्नांची भुतं मानगुटीवर नेतात. कधी वाटतं स्वप्नांना आयुष्य आहे. कधी वाटतं आयुष्य हेच स्वप्न आहे! जाग यावी,निसटून जावं.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What your mom didn't tell you..

If i dont know something..i take a guess..
It actually works..atleast in muhs exams..
But saving lives is no guess work and so isnt apple kheer !

I love the adjective of the appendix very much..
You know what that is, vestigial !
You know what else is, vestigial ?
My kitchen..

So surfing on the wave of nostalgia..
Of times.. not so vestigial , for our kitchen..
Remembering mom cooking my favs.. I..
Well.. Who needs vestigial details..
Lets just say,
Apple plus milk does not lead to apple kheer !

Which way? I sure know 1 now !


  1. I liked your blog intro, aayushya aani swapna...
    good one
    keep writing.

  2. Wow i want that kheer though never loved the kheer stuff the pic is amezin :D :D

  3. hey thanks..i love dessert photography..check out my orkut food album...you ll love it



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