Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

euphakia !

so as if i dont rant enough about myself in every post..
another feather in cap..
a gem from my voluminous collection..Chronicles of Dhulia !

volume one : Laughing-stock - weak after week !
chapter : ophthalmology

Laughing-stock .. :)
funny word, eh..
i tried to search how the phrase originated..
turns out its a form of inflicting torture..

have you ever felt like,
you are being held by having ankles trapped in the holes..
some, what d heck take a pic..
where were we..yes, trapped in the holes...
and people are throwing wet sponges(!)at you..

yeah i know, i didnt find it funny either...

whatever those encyclopedias may say, i disagree
but yes, it can be tortuous.. for some..
and at times for those, around so(me)laughing stocks !

eh to hell with its definition..
now i am done with some totally unrelated, nonsense, desperately trying to be funny, obligatory, introductory.. paras ( u see, m trying to reproduce a (signature)style here.. Forge, India :) back to the story..

so it was rather a benign ophthalmology round..
rapid fire was on..
M was furious , coz he succumbed to a retinal question...and dr D asked me to translate some sanskrit verses, which i did, fair(!!) enough..
and suddenly it appeared, out of no where, the ominous gri(m)n on dr D's face. which only meant one thing..
he thought of an impossible question and..
"Importance of yoga in allergic conjunctivitis(!!)" was going to erode the rest of the beautiful(i won, the rapid fire, yay !) morning

at last, he threw up in our face,

u know aphakia( he he he ), can u tell me what to call the eye with a NORMAL lens ?( roar !)

naw, it may stretch for paras here, but the inevitable that followed was really a matter of seconds..

everyone thought about it for a microsecond, and turned to me,
oh no...not that i have knack for diffusing such things..
not even that i was obliged to answer as the topper..

but just to bear the brunt of the verbal consequences of such questions..
so that they can chat,text,eat, sleep, drink, gesture, while i get to apply my acting skills, cast as a profound listener !

its one thing to be present for morning rounds, but to represent !!

i remember stepping forward..
M's turn..
5 seconds, i would have to take out the white flag..
which 'yog-aasan' would make me comfortable for an eternity, which was about to dawn on my cochleas...
and had to come up with a hopeful answer, so that class could have the delusion of a representative brave effort..
little that our medico minds preoccupied..rather obsessed with abnormalities, care about what is Normal, time was running for Olympic gold...

"eu-phakia" It spelt over..

"eu-phakia"..he smiles

i try to smile..

"eu-phakia" nahi " YOU- phakia "

and not that one has to laugh at every HOD joke...
but to this date ,i swear on the belief, that it was a relief laugh..
a realisation wave, that we would be spared of an eternity-

"Importance of yoga in allergic conjunctivitis(!!)"

yes..everybody burst into laughter..
and..I was laughing stock that week !

And now that i have managed to end the story with humor downsized to the percentage of humiliation..

cheers to pretentiousness..
in the end, it manages to kill everything..from humor to humanity !

p.s. Rajesh, u are right, my self centered blogging is not helping in
nation building, not even myself !

Sunday, August 15, 2010

future ? I am very optimistic about the past :)

udhalit shatakirana..
he rashtra devatanche..
mera desh mera desh
isi vatan ke bagiyan me..

our school choir was awesome !!

Independence Day was so much fun in school...miss singing with the whole school on the namaskar mandal (primary school ground not our school (Capt RM Oak ) ground :))...

and then watching DD with grandpa..and doing the army salute he taught me, with an umbrella, as a proxy for gun :)

i m a crazy crazy harry potter fan ..but..
i have never been even lil bit curious or enthusiastic about the whole
" twilight saga " or vampire mania.

and remembering good old school days, now i think i know why..

i am from oak high school..yeah i mean we have been around bats all my childhood...
from my bench besides the window..thats all i could see...thousands of em hanging on exciting as groundhog day eh !

so what, few of them are vampires..even if me it ll always be all in all the same repulsive shit!

in fact thats why we had all the social functions on terrace or namaskar mandal and not the CRM Oak ground..
yeah no shit !

i think Oak ppl know what i mean, right guys ? :)

no offence dear vampires,
i m well aware of your super powers :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010



@ sayli, thanks , hope u see the movie..:)

@ all, i always have an answer, but not necessarily to the same question..


thats d first word that came into my mind...

but thanks to sayli, i tried to trace its instinctive origin..

and the reason is "chocolat"

times ago, i saw this delightful movie called "chocolat"

its about a chocolate maker lady, who fights against a religious mayor and his propaganda, chastisable way of life, forcing the whole town into it,to deny themselves every pleasure,specially the sinful chocolat ! and how he comes face to face with his attraction for d lady and heavenly chocolates !

but it has so many side stories, each very beautiful and sweet..
(and johnny depp..:)

and trust me, these small town chocolate shops are doors to heaven...
i mean even branded swiss chocolates are not even nearly close..

when i was in switzerland and france, we used to hunt for such small shops, running for generations and indulge in delicacies..pure pleasure..

interestingly after seeing the movie, i dont know why ..!
persuit of desserts makes me feel antichrist !

thats all i have to say..

thankfully one doesnt have to die in france, heaven is up everywhere...

drive to CCD and dive in the chocolate paradise..

"doob ja mere pyaar mein..."

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Back in standard deviations
why I feel so fortunate ?
Recruited 'em to live and love
wish they could, cry that well

Given away all my songs
for extreme and existance
For the same delusional
meaning, it has for one

And that one moment
we loose nevertheless
God, I don’t know why
why I feel so fortunate !

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"पुनः प्रत्ययाचा आनंद...इ.इ."

इयत्ता दहावी अ !
त्याकाळी म्हणजे सगळ्या सहाध्यायी पामरांना समजेल असे बोलणे आम्हांस नामंजूरचं !
आता आठवून खूप हसू येतं...
पण खर सांगू, माझा खडूसपणा कधी कधी खूप मिस करते मी..
दूSSर असला तरी शेवटी गुणचं ना तो !

अगं आई गं.. हल्ली माझ्या शाब्दिक कोट्या म्हणजे एखाद्या आज्जीबाईंनी दोरीवरच्या उड्या माराव्या तश्या केविलवाण्या झाल्यात...
म्हणून तर..काल दहावीतली निबंधांची वही वाचून खूप हळहळले..आज्जीने शिवलेली जुनी गोधडी असावी तशी वही गालावर घुसळली..


पुनः प्रत्ययाचा आनंद !

वरचे हाहा.. मोजून लिहीलेत हों..कांय समजलात.. हां!
असेच कालिदासाच्या एका सुभाषितातले ठं ठं ठ ठं ठं ठ ठ ठं ठ ठं ठ: पाठ करताना अस्मादिकांची ठंबेरी..अब..फंबेरी..
अहो व्यंजनांचं काय घेउन बसलात..तो काळ असा होता की आमचे आजो आम्ही पाच बहिणी आणि दोन आत्यांना "संजू" या एकाच नावाने हाक मारायचे..घ्या !
नावबिवं म्हणजे अडगळचं की हो..असो..तर ती ठंफं..हां भंबेरी! काय ती उडल्याचे स्मरते.

आणि त्याच ठं ठं च्या कैफात..एका दुग्धशर्करा,मणिकांचन वा तत्सम मुहुर्तावर जुळून आलेल्या शाशा च्या तासाला, मैदानावर जायच्या घाईत..
त्या 'सोपानमार्गेण करोति शब्दं 'चे प्रात्यक्षिकही झाल्याचे स्मरते..


पुनः प्रत्ययाचा आनंद ! ते हि नो दिवसा: गता: !

काय झालयं?
हा जुलै खूप नॉस्टाल्जिक होता..
तसा पावसाळा आम्हा कवी लोकांसाठी निसरडाचं !
आठवणींच्या शेवाळ्यावरून कधी ठंठं होईल याचा नेम नाही..

हो ना..मग try this..

छान रिमझिम पावसाळी संध्याकाळी खिडकी पकडा.. हो मुंबईकरांसाठी खिडकी मिळणे, घरातली असली तरी, चैनेचीच गोष्ट..

ते जाउ दे, तर छान रिमझिम पावसाळी संध्याकाळी खिडकी पकडा
आणि चहाच्या वाफेवर तरंगता तरंगता..
हरवून जा.. नॉस्टाल्जियात !

काय? हल्ली नॉस्टाल्जियात पूर्वीसारखं 'नाविन्य' राहिलं नाही म्हणता.. :)

p.s . for those who wanna get hang of that 60s or 70s or 80s time
मोफत सल्लाकेंद्र, at your service..
based on my experiences this season, heres what u should try...

'कर्‍हेचे पाणी' वाचा.. हल्ली पूर्वीच पुणं राहिलं नाही हा निव्वळ वाक्प्रचार आहे बरं !

'सूर्याची पिल्ले' बघा, कानिटकरी फार्साची गंमतचं न्यारी!

आवडती पुस्तके पुन्हा वाचा, मी वाचलं माझं all time favorite.. 'नाथ हा माझा'..त्यात ७० आणि ८० च्या
दशकातले छान संदर्भ आहेत.

एखादा जुन्या गाण्यांचा कार्यक्रम ऐका..मी ऐकला..बाबूजी आणि रफींचा..

ह्रुशिकेश मुखर्जींचा एखादा सिनेमा बघा..मी पाहिला..मिली !

शाळेतल्या किंवा जुन्या वह्या चाळा, आजोबा-आज्जींचे फोटो बघा..

जुन्या पाठ असलेल्या कविता म्हणा...खूप मज्जा येते..

कालचं आमच्या समोरची सारिका आणि मी 'येगं येगं सरी..' ची जुगलबंदी केली..
ती छोट्या शिशूत आहे.. :) we are window friends !

आणि एक गोष्ट नक्की करा..जी मीही अजून करायची बाकी आहे..पण या पावसाळ्यात नक्की करणार आहे..

कागदाची होडी करून, तिला पाण्यावर सोडून हळूच फुंकर मारणे !

त्या वेळी मनात जे काही दाटतं ना..that is magical, beyond words !

happy monsoon !


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