Sunday, August 15, 2010

future ? I am very optimistic about the past :)

udhalit shatakirana..
he rashtra devatanche..
mera desh mera desh
isi vatan ke bagiyan me..

our school choir was awesome !!

Independence Day was so much fun in school...miss singing with the whole school on the namaskar mandal (primary school ground not our school (Capt RM Oak ) ground :))...

and then watching DD with grandpa..and doing the army salute he taught me, with an umbrella, as a proxy for gun :)

i m a crazy crazy harry potter fan ..but..
i have never been even lil bit curious or enthusiastic about the whole
" twilight saga " or vampire mania.

and remembering good old school days, now i think i know why..

i am from oak high school..yeah i mean we have been around bats all my childhood...
from my bench besides the window..thats all i could see...thousands of em hanging on exciting as groundhog day eh !

so what, few of them are vampires..even if me it ll always be all in all the same repulsive shit!

in fact thats why we had all the social functions on terrace or namaskar mandal and not the CRM Oak ground..
yeah no shit !

i think Oak ppl know what i mean, right guys ? :)

no offence dear vampires,
i m well aware of your super powers :)


  1. i guess your blogs are getting more interesting day by day:)

  2. HI need ur help. DO u know how to describe (translate) 'walwaachaa paaus'" वळवाचा पाऊस" in english? my friend is working on her animation project about marathi poetry and needs that for sub-titles.
    U can mail me on
    thanks in advance.

  3. वळवाचा पाऊस...thats tough :) hey i ll try surely..



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