Thursday, August 12, 2010



@ sayli, thanks , hope u see the movie..:)

@ all, i always have an answer, but not necessarily to the same question..


thats d first word that came into my mind...

but thanks to sayli, i tried to trace its instinctive origin..

and the reason is "chocolat"

times ago, i saw this delightful movie called "chocolat"

its about a chocolate maker lady, who fights against a religious mayor and his propaganda, chastisable way of life, forcing the whole town into it,to deny themselves every pleasure,specially the sinful chocolat ! and how he comes face to face with his attraction for d lady and heavenly chocolates !

but it has so many side stories, each very beautiful and sweet..
(and johnny depp..:)

and trust me, these small town chocolate shops are doors to heaven...
i mean even branded swiss chocolates are not even nearly close..

when i was in switzerland and france, we used to hunt for such small shops, running for generations and indulge in delicacies..pure pleasure..

interestingly after seeing the movie, i dont know why ..!
persuit of desserts makes me feel antichrist !

thats all i have to say..

thankfully one doesnt have to die in france, heaven is up everywhere...

drive to CCD and dive in the chocolate paradise..

"doob ja mere pyaar mein..."



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