Friday, September 3, 2010

Time to grow up !

I remember when I first saw stepmom on star movies…and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" stayed numero uno on bathroom charts for quite a long time…

It’s a beautiful movie, there is intelligent casting, effortless brilliant acting, an appealing screenplay and the simplicity with which the film handles this complex relationship issue…its very genuine…

I remember shedding gallons of tears …cause the film made me aware of an unknown way of dealing with relationships called ‘maturity’…and I wondered why all grown ups and fellow countrymen hadn’t thought of it yet…

Enlightenment only increases weariness, one can no longer seek comfort of feeling helpless...

Childhood was a great time, a time when I had to jump to reach a door bell. Yet it was full of sums; solution of which couldn't be found in any guidebook nor did in school they teach us anything useful…

With time, I kept loosing my blissful forgetfulness and teeth!
And new eruptions…only lead to more verbal turbulence!

90’s were coming to an end..
I remember stepmom as a landmark,
I had turned 13…

Bidding farewell to magic (hadn’t heard of Hogwarts at that time), super heroes, cartoons, video games
(they tried to make me go to a rehab !), comics, amitaabh action movies (saw ajoobaa last month…couldn’t stand it for 5 mins…and god ! we were so crazy about that movie … :)
And switching to HBO, star movies and Zee English...friends, full house and many more…

I was already a Chris fan, mrs doubtfire or home alone were fun rides but this one was different…a beginning to see things differently..

No one is entirely happy about their childhood and the kind of parenting they had to put up with…but as we grow up (some of us do, some don’t) we learn to appreciate life and people as humanely as possible…not just black or white…the entire spectrum…everything we learnt so far, is seen with a dimension of relativity…and all labels are torn off..
Knowing that what we hear is different from what is said…all the bias and prejudices between the lines…taking off the hilarious white curly wig that we put on in kindergarten on that fancy dress day, as a judge…all these that why we feel that everybody should listen to us ?

Conviction is a funny word!
For the reasons same as that of ‘settlement’
How on earth, which is still restless to the core, a universe still spurting like an adolescent…people feel settled !

Stepmom was a witness to my acquaintance with acceptance and befriending change…
World was a very different place back then…

But that’s not the only reason why its remake,“we are a family” is a disappointment !
I agree Kjo’s family films could be liked by ancient 20th century audience only…
But it hurts to see such a project being wasted…

Remakes are wonderful, I mean Farhan did a great job with don…though SRK couldn’t nearly be as intimidating as Amitaabh…SRK is much megalomaniac like me, the best he can do is to be himself in every movie…may be that’s why he was so good in Luck by chance :) but no offence…SRK playing himself is any day better than Arjun Rampaal…

Two strong female leads cant justify his presence…Ed Harris was as good as julia or susan or kiddos !
Arjun is however, i believe the word is…Feeble !!
Kajol n kareena have been wasted at the expense of a mediocre adaptation of a brilliant screenplay and a birdbrain director..

This is not 1998…
A dying mom’s exclusive worry cant be not being at her daughters wedding!
How can you interpret the most beautiful conversation about a mother’s pain of missing out on her children’s entire lives, down to only one thing

and then to end it with a gr8 Indian Kjo wedding with low waist lachhas, look a likes, fake wrinkles and Arjun Rampal smeared with beard…is a CRIME !
And why Kajol has to look worst in the last scene of every KJo film is one thing I will never understand…

So I m feeling letdown, for all the emotional evolution I went through from ‘stepmom’ to ‘we are a family’ (I should ve known better than to expect a good remake from KJo, who is still a 16yr old gossip girl…)
when I say “guilty, guilty… guilty to the chair! “ (I can’t find the wig though…I leave that to your imagination :)

Its okay KJo, we all mess up our recipes !
for half a decade i struggled to handle things with maturity beyond my age..
and weary from that, the next half i unburdened myself from giving a damn about anybody else..
and in the end, its all a mess...again..
just like parenthood..
parents take as much time to grow up as kids..and wither, to be kids again,
fair and fancy headed :)


  1. Well already i have posted in FB...once again...u r an awesome writer...this has tempted me to see the movie as well...hey don't get angry...I haven't seen the movie yet ;)

    But will definitely c...

  2. well said anu ! (waise she always is.. right ..damn !! ) What is worst than making a bad movie is ..make a bad remake ....or in bollywood terms ..make a bad "INSPIRED" remake !

    R.I.P. good old childhood days of innocence !

  3. Will watch it when I get time. Thanks :-)

  4. anika, so sweet of you to say that :)
    and hey, there s no reason to be angry..
    btw which movie have i inspired u to see..
    stepmom or WAF :)

  5. sush, yeah so true.. :)
    btw remake of the year should be Dabang !

  6. I was right! I shouldn't see the movie! Thanks Anushree! :)



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