Sunday, December 19, 2010

3 unproductive years... Umm..23 actually ! Nope, its.. almost 24, Go .. yay :)

This year...

i was supposed to be preoccupied with "the entrance exam" ...

and my career !

But honestly....this year.. i have struggled the most,

just to be My self !

And though none fellow being ,nor anything i perceived or learnt has been

"approving" of it...

This year , nevertheless, and like never before, i was ..

so transitory...full of wanderlust..

Hell, I dont even have a set of resolutions for next year..

I dont have any plans...

may be..i am gonna dissolve into this meticulous surgical resident..

Fancy Alignment !

But, there is also this dream of absolving..

from it, I and everything..time and again..

So , rather bit more meticulously , i have been rounding up a " List "..

full of 'thousand splendid... stuff .. like regular alter ego pursuits...

yet some ego alien stuff..

umm nope actually..

how little do we know ourselves!

like eating, "sound of sea" at a sensory restaurant...say..The Fat Duck !

or some more European fantasies like.. Spanish guitar and paella in Barcelona..

or this "stream of consciousness" buisness...

and improvising my notions of communism.. etc etc

Anyways latest a directorial fantasy..

Attempts on Her Life , by Martin Crimp

it belongs to "In-yer-face" theater ..i once enjoyed reading about..

though sadly with preconceived notions of the Guy ,who wrote about it !

Antithetic indeed :)

so staging it and experiencing it..

umm, not in that order though !

gonna be a delicacy, well...may be :)

nothing much fancy..

it is essentially a play..

Open to interpretation..

Like I


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Undeniablely happy !

" For the way you changed my plans

for being the perfect distraction

Ribbit ! Ribbit ! Ribbit !.........


For the ending of my first begin

and for the rare and unexpected friend

for the way you're something that i never choose

but at the same time something i don't wanna lose

Ribbit ! Ribbit ! Ribbit !.........


my accidental happily ever after (Oh Oh Oh)

the way you smile and how you comfort me (with your laughter)

i must admit you were not a part of my book

but now if you open it up and take a look

Ribbit ! Ribbit ! Ribbit !.........


you're the best thing i never knew i needed

so when you were here, i had no idea (Oh)

you're the best thing i never knew i needed

so now it's so clear, i need you here....

Ribbit ! Ribbit ! Ribbit !.........


P.S. I love the way you sing...(Oh)
eat words, we dont need...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Through an endless diamond sky...

i had completely forgotten just how crazy i was about this film..
about the magic carpet ride and " A whole new world"..

i was 8 ..i think..when i first heard of Agrabah ....
i was done reading Arabian nights..
and with role plays based on that..

yeah i think we had switched to "Zapatlela" and "Tahakikat"..for dramatics
and Jungle book, DuckTales, TaleSpin, and of course "Chandrakantaaaaaaa"

Every Sunday was a feast..going to nani's place and watching em with my cousins and then on to my SNES non stop...Contra and Ninja Turtles...yeah !!!

Parent community was so weary from us playing all the time...u bet !
Wow..i remember dad blaming gaming for my myopia..
but i had looked up myopia from an i knew better.. :)

Sadly coz of that, my brother had to play with the same old Nintendo,
even though he is from the PS generation...
coz by then, dad knew better.. :)

so Akki turned out to be the sincere most, amongst us....
till last yr or so, when his gen succumbed to FB..
actually, he still is (kudos!!)

now i am chasing post graduation..
and still i get high on media hiped things, like a teenager...

like that time when, every girl in my class had the Kajol hair cut after KKHH..
i would have too..but couldnt..back then, even SRK had lengthier hair than me :)

and though all that craziness seems awesomest ( Love you Barney :)
i feel so alienated after a while..

Like reading deathly hallows nonstop as an annual ritual..
or da vinci code on the very day of a Community Medicine paper..
or watching movies between two university practicals..
or cinematic marathons in hostel..till finally..
u are disoriented to time place person.. :)

all seems so unreal now..
especially this year..away from hostel..

so i bumped into Aladdin last night..
and i felt like a fugitive.. d that happen !

still loved Yago, Carpet and Abu though..
i nevertheless turned it off,
and watched..
actually tried to watch "a whole new world" on Youtube instead..

it wasnt that magical... :(

i hate growing up..

i remember my cousins teasing me..
because i gave up on cartoons and games, last in the lot..
that is, only when i got into Jr college..

still...thanks to my brother...
i am at least well informed ( thats my only way to console! )
And he still manages to be the source of utter provocation..
to get me to play, watch Narnia (!!!),
download new games(hand over Mr 95 :)

and wrestle !
LOve ya..

darting back from school on Friday noons to catch 'Arabian nights...
the last game i played on my pc..
the last cassette popped into our VCR..

No matter how old i become,
i still wish the universe to be..
A dazzling...mystical place for me..

and while gazing upon the stars..
Yet again..
I wish to dream of a magic carpet ride to an Egyptian Sphinx...

Saturday, December 4, 2010


after a couple of heartbreaks..
one feels like an amphibian..
one more perhaps, and then..
all set for a "evolved living" !


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