Sunday, August 7, 2011

In surgery :)

I ve longed to be in the place where i am...
Ppl come here in agony...
We expect scientific protocols to work..
But sometimes its just a bold decision..
Based on experience..
A Surgeon's instinct..
As My teacher puts it...

Are you here for good?
He asked me..
Time is flying..
I m striving for happiness and competence..
Its all around me..
After all.. i did dissolve into a meticulous surgical resident..

But i do look at the 5.00 am sky..
And I sing every now and then..
And dream of a life...
books, movies, songs, poetry..
of mountains, street cafes..
Airports, Glazed shopping malls..
Finesse of a star studded restaurant...
Moon... white sand desert..

And while for countless hours
i m trying to contain the foul
all around...dress it..stitch it..
I remember the smell of my perfume..
Miss cherry Dior ...
Miss cherry Dior :)

And I know there's gotta be more to life..
I know there's gotta be more to me..

so here i am ...
at the cost of some precious hrs of sleep..
And i m here for good :)

I am here for good..


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