Sunday, August 7, 2011

In surgery :)

I ve longed to be in the place where i am...
Ppl come here in agony...
We expect scientific protocols to work..
But sometimes its just a bold decision..
Based on experience..
A Surgeon's instinct..
As My teacher puts it...

Are you here for good?
He asked me..
Time is flying..
I m striving for happiness and competence..
Its all around me..
After all.. i did dissolve into a meticulous surgical resident..

But i do look at the 5.00 am sky..
And I sing every now and then..
And dream of a life...
books, movies, songs, poetry..
of mountains, street cafes..
Airports, Glazed shopping malls..
Finesse of a star studded restaurant...
Moon... white sand desert..

And while for countless hours
i m trying to contain the foul
all around...dress it..stitch it..
I remember the smell of my perfume..
Miss cherry Dior ...
Miss cherry Dior :)

And I know there's gotta be more to life..
I know there's gotta be more to me..

so here i am ...
at the cost of some precious hrs of sleep..
And i m here for good :)

I am here for good..


  1. it was worth the wait! for me to visit ur blog and for u to be where u are!
    good luck!

  2. nice reading frm u after so many days.......all d best dear fr everything that u aspire fr..............

  3. "i m here for good"
    we have no doubt what so ever about this.

    keep them posts coming

  4. सही, खूप छान लिहिलयस! बर्याच अवकाशाने इथे आलो आणि अगदी इतर वाचक म्हणताहेत तसाच भारावून गेलो. अमितेश कडून बरर्याच वेळा तुझ्याविषयी ऐकायला मिलता. Kudos!!



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