Saturday, December 22, 2012

this is the end...

Although i didnt blog much..
2012 was awesome..
it had a lovely start..
a trip home to meet my favorite, vinu tai :)

it ends with me being the chief resident in my unit..
registrar ship..
it was bestowed upon me, on the 21st morning round !

alas...if only, i wasnt so myopic !
i should have paid more attention to Mayan warnings.. :)

i dont know if i will blog.. bearing round the clock responsibility for so many lives..

my dad had asked me once, why do u write this blog ? does anybody read it? why do they read it ?
i dont think he will ever understand...

but nor did i..
i wrote it for no reason..
until it lead me to Aniket..
and this sense of purpose feels like nirvana !

the end.

This is the endI've drowned and dreamt this momentSo overdue, I owe themSwept away, I'm stolen

Let the sky fall, when it crumblesWe will stand tallAnd face it all together

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I got you babe !

They say we're young and we don't know
We won't find out until we grow 

Well I don't know if all that's true
'Cause you got me, and baby I got you :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

One score old and Four years ago...

You know, i am very fond of nostalgia..
In fact, i love the present, because its gonna be 'my wonderful past' someday ..

Continuing down the memory lane, 
i realized that i ve been blogging for 4 yrs now...!
And what started as a passionate affair...
has turned into a steady stagnant relationship..

I no longer blog in "Marathi" ..
cause that  means going the extra mile to type in marathi !

I have stopped blabbering about my miss-endeavors...
cause as you grow up.. you try to be modest ..
just to raise the threshold of embarrassment...

I have stopped writing poems ..cause they seem very immature now.. 
and i don't have any painful substrate to sublimate... 
no more scintillating heart or visual troubles.. ;)
I am just in a very very happy place right now...

My work life is very exciting at times, but too busy to write about ...
And when at times it permits writing , its just same old..

In fact , i am same old too...
I remember the conversion from a movie about, 
how people don't really change over time, even if they claim so...

well, i have been waiting for a life altering moment, all my life , 
to turn into a very very disciplined, hardworking person, who achieves spectacular things....

But what i have achieved in last 25 yrs and 10 months... is patchy brilliance !
I secretly long to be this very eccentric , selfish genius, amazing writer...

but i chose happiness...
and happiness is at the best, stagnant...

But every now and then , i m not happy about being happy...
I don't think  i ever stop being hopeful or dreamy...

I love waking up to the possibility of free will :)

4 years ago, when i started this blog, 

i was in some remote rural govt medical college, 
in a hostel, which was scarce of water, electricity, decent speed internet 
and what not ..
But full of strange stingy reptiles... 
and warm weirdos... who were my best friends..seniors..batch mates

Now my hostel room is all posh ... 
but its untimely guests are some cold blooded amphibians..and some mammals which are not quite 'charming'..

4 years ago, when i started this blog,

I was about to face my final MBBS exam..and was in DEEP shit..due to not studying.
i was all alone on romantic front and just wanted to get my ass outta that place !

And i did...and I will.. Crisis suits me well  !

Now I will jump back to my 4 th post in surgery,
as senior houseman, in a couple of days...and i have heard its quite, hell of  a crisis :)

i am not quite sure what to do with NOT writing and poe-try though...
i am gonna leave that to future at present  !

To conclude with the enthusiasm of a married person..
happy 4 yrs, dear blog !

i hope this stagnation hits the rock bottom...
and the writing frenzy will strike back !!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The cat is out ...

When you're awake, the things you think
Come from the dream you dream
Thought has wings, and lots of things
Are seldom what they seem

Sometimes you think youve lived before
All that you live to day
Things you do come back to you
As though they knew the way

Oh the tricks your mind can play

It seems we stood and talked like this, before
We looked at each other in the same way then
But I can't remember where or when

The clothes you're wearing are the clothes, you wore
The smile you are smiling you were smiling then
But I can't remember where or when ...

Some things that happened for the first time
Seem to be happening again

And so it seems that we have met before
And laughed before, and loved before
But who knows where or when ...

I have been watching too many movies ...optimal use of 6 month sabbatical , that is what, THE rotation or 3rd sem is for surgery residents...
Fresh air, regular baths, sleep, study(?# !!),  less (10-12 !) hrs of work..
Fair enough :)
Sadly it will end in couple of months and i will be.. 
"Alive in Absentia "

Life is perfect right now...To Quote ...

"You know how, like in cartoons, when the building gets hit by the wrecking ball, right before the building falls down, there's always like this moment where it's perfectly still right before it collapses? We're in that moment. The wrecking ball has already hit all of this, and this is just the moment before it all falls down. "

we wait for tomorrow..
 for the delusion, that is Life, to transform into something more meaningful..
we wait to belong..
for the wilderness scares us..

'The future' is metaphysical yet very endearing...

"After a long time, a long , long time, I give up. Not waiting anymore. As it turns out, living is just the beginning, and so the beginning is over. I'm cat of nobody. I'm not even cat. I'm not even I. It's warm. It's light. It goes on and on and on and on..."


Dear Paw Paw,
Death increases desirability quotient of pets.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

TaleSpin ...

Clouds infest pretty hills
churning into dopey islands..
love seeks refuging devdars
windswept by wanderlust..

they seem so distant now..
and i seem so close to me..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The prophet...

its been an year...

and still, i have lot of questions...

yet he has answers for each of 'em...

i know i love him..

its been "A good year"


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