Sunday, April 28, 2013

Empathetic enigma

Dancing a routine
walk on earth
very charitable
save energy
be vegetarians

celebrate sheer
pose critically
laugh pretense

have hopes
love arguably
delectably mundane

Oh to die in Venice

Over and above
the counter addicting
controversially cruel
Poignant predator
you are my taste

deeply comforting
thine huntsman, his
piezoelectric sanity

vulnerably dives
in innocently afloat
abysmal nightmares

Oh the Empathetic enigma


  1. Gosh its abstract !!can't comprehend much,care to illuminate the dark alleys of my rusty gray matter?

  2. heyyy, well its about hannibal , the poignant predator and Will Graham, who is a FBI agent in the novel Red Dragon, who has extreme empathy towards serial killers and catches hannibal eventually.. we bury our insanity and the RED dragon within..and put up with everyday boring life.. but not Will nor Hannibal.. i cant decide whom i love more..cannibal or will
    See the series,(i shouldnt be saying this ;)if u enjoy a good murder..



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