Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday "the" 13th :(

Hannibal is not a regular seven deadly sins brand serial killer. He just has a great taste... in everything. He serves people who s life could not have served a greater purpose than quenching his curiosity or appetit .

Hannibal in This particular series is very different from the one portrayed by Mr Hopkins..

while i am very scared of the Hopkin's version.. its impossible, not to love Mr Mikkelsen's version.. 

he is contemporary yet classy.. his paisley ties and three piece suits...all that he is wearing..even this person suit ( music lover, great chef, loyal friend, charming colleague ) as his shrink calls it.

He is not physically or in any way wont know..till the moment ..which will be the last but one...when you only know fear...

very lean..very underplayed..yet he stalks his fridge with ease.  

Very caring, endearing...and thoroughly disturbing !!!

for 12 weeks, i have thought about ...

how our attributions define who we are.. 
what to make of my patronization ? 
what is cruelty ?

if its pleasure in or indifference to... suffering.. then its everywhere.. 
all of us have indifference for breakfast, lunch  and dinner, for billion members of our own species, let alone others..

its a virtue, deceiving ones own species and moving up in hierarchy of this planet..

i think of us...

if the circumstances are favorable, we know what we can do to each other...

i think of all possibilities.. i think of all terrorists, rapists, politicians, cricketers, businessmen, governments, societies..

i think of families, friends, lovers, husbands, wives..

all the soul screeching and dream shattering...

all the love which makes us each coming day..less self like..

Think of us...

if the circumstances are favorable, we know what we will do to each other...

Eating is the least cruel thing..

Now i now why i love Hannibal ...

and like " all good love " that i know ll be gone in a week :(


Although my career ranks 5th, 
on a list of "Careers which tend to have most psychopaths "
Do not judge my faculties or yourself, love :)

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