Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A tale of two incidences and two articles..

Evening is tea and lot of words... i find this link to an article on a friend's wall.

To sum it up.. i think
what Amartya sen wanted to say to Mr Blair in 2006 was...

Only christian faith schools are good, because the religious identity that they create does not interfere with national identity..

I go to ward for morning rounds and i find a package of sweets by a hindu patient. He is learning Sanskrit,
so past few days have been great, conversing with him. Inexperienced teachers, new syllabus and old grammar ! Nothing has changed since i left it in 12th std.

I start distributing sweets..sisters first..

The christian ones refuse...i m used to it..a little sad though , the amount of effort they put in every patient..they are the real miracle workers..sadly it is the same religion which makes them so altruistic, prohibits this.

u think its 2013 and people will find relevance in their religious dos and donts but they dont..

Mr Amartya sen, why do we have to grade it good, bad and ugly ?

Religion is like spleen, a filter, which also contributes to some immunity.
But when its injured and its making you vitally unstable, take out and throw it, rather than analyzing and grading ! ( sorry, surgical allegories are inevitable :)

i wake up today and see headline, Amartya sen : i dont want Modi as my Prime minister.

I m irritated, thoroughly..

so in the ward , its patients turn... i bypass Sajid and his mother..( why bother to ask her to take a sweet, especially after being turned down by a converted catholic..i mean as far as the existence of non conformist muslims (or chinese !! ) goes..what is the probabilty.. seriously..

So i bypass Sajid, a young cirrhotic lad, who has stopped drinking since 4 yrs ( drinking is not allowed too..but salman bhai does and salman bhai kills too !! Not that u can use Salman as a reference, to prove that its appropiate to ask a muslim about history of alcohol intake when relevant!
Somehow...they are very offended if u quote his doings!
Nevertheless i Quote him every now and then.. say once i asked a patient , who told me that he wanted to die that day, if u die today, how will u know ki salman bhai ki shadi kis ke sath hui ?
we agreed...die another day...he will ve a long life i guess : )

So  i bypass Ammiji and Sajid, a young cirrhotic lad, who has stopped drinking since 4 yrs.
But his liver has shut down and shrunk and he aint no Prometheus !!

Yet thanks to Mr Modi , i feel like Lucius Fox in Wayne Enterprises :)

 I can put any amount of resources to rescue a citizen !
And in Gujarat, BPL kyadd !!! (card) :) :)owning people are ultra VIP.

They think its sort of a Free Movie pass...that thinking along the..."must see if its free"...indian mentality...when we ask them why the want to get admitted , sometimes they say because they have a BPL kyadd !!!!

So thanks to Mr Modi, Sajid is getting albumin Rs 2400 per bottle and other loads of things, free..he has a kyadd :) and a chance at life..

suddenly his mother pulls me back and goes all Nirupa Roy on me
 " beti, tumhare hat ki dawa leti hoon toh dua kyun nahi ?" :) eats the sweet :)

Back to pre-electorial or otherwise elated state of our experts..

I always tell Aniket jokingly,why have elections..
when u can round them up and do medical fitness..say...

1. who can climb up two flights of stairs ( expensive artificial  knees not allowed )!!!

2. who takes less than twenty pills per day ( corruption correlates with amount
    of anti hypertensives,anti anginal and anti diabetics you take!
    i have learned this courtesy of esteemed guests of our prisoner ward !)

i would have loved to keep no 3 as-

3. who can pee without herniating or taking pills, but it sounds feminist !

so even without no 3 , we can easily and cost effectively choose our parliamentarians :)

sadly rather than being in politics and forming parties like POPWNKNP( party of people with normal knee normal pee :) we are busy fishing for self !

So politics is gonna be like our sad Hostel meetings where u are wondering...who is this idiot cooking up arguments and  putting up irrelevant demands... and u realize..OMG he is the student representative we elected in that meeting that we did not go to.. he has no idea what we want !

Mr Amartya Sen , I need a Prime Minister who will give me albumin, secularism will follow :)

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