Friday, November 1, 2013

That day after everyday :)

Everday i come across males... colleagues, seniors, juniors, elderly, patients below and above poverty line..i see them objectifying women at every chance, obviously have no respect what so ever for women, not even for their mother and sister or girlfriend or wife ..none at all...probably they have learned this from their heroes, father, fatherfigures...they ll all probably end up raping their wife if not any other women, if not already........its high time girls taught them how to respect women and behave !!!

Sometimes we examine rape cases in casualty...some poor 14 yr old female, disoriented , empty looks and the rapist...always smirking with pride..i dodge examining him to some male colleague ...simply beacuse all that comes to my penile amputation and castration...

I watched this short film.. i m furious yet hopeful....someday... i ll see such boy gang beaten up by girls in my casualty ward..

I wish to treat all their cuts and bruises as asthetically (=not an-aesthestically ;) as possible :)

After all, every thing in civil goes NS( not in stock) , even NS(saline).. :)
lignocaine toh vaise bhi luxury hai ;)

Jokes apart, i really hope atleast our generation girls teach their own boys to respect the other sex,
and 15 yrs later , there shall  be no juvenile rapists, at least..

To counter the existent ones ..lets use all our strength and asthetics ;)

P.S. Anurag kashyap..cheers for making this short film :)

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