Friday, November 14, 2014

Objects in the mirror..

I had nothing to do.. okay.. may be a little studying.. last 4 months..

And a lot of free time... is no good for blogging.. !!

Its year end.. I have exams..its crunch time.. so blogging is a perfect excuse now..

I have been blogging for 6 yrs.. !!!

I feel good..

I remember a post i wrote before turning 24.. about what i want to do in life..

And it has worked out..

I did dissolve into a meticulous surgery resident... and absolved from it time and again to chase my

alter ego persuits..

I watched hundreds of movies these four years.. and it has emerged as my prime hobby..

And i managed to get hold of a sponsorer !! (my diplomat husband :) ...

for my around the world adventures.. Así he llegado !!..

(as illegal as it sounds.. it just means... here i come !! ;)

Okay.. i m not bragging here..

A wise old lady once wrote .. "people in their right minds never take pride in their talents"


To find words of wisdom in the wierdest of places..

But there were no blogs then..

just cupboards , walls and those sort of things..

How can I then take pride in talents, luck, or accidents...

But they are in fact inexhaustable sources of happiness..

or the very cause of our existence !! ( yes..Interstellar phase )

So this seemingly boastful blogging is a mere documentation...!!!

Yet "In a World.... "

where nothing is without consequence...

(it wasnt for nothing.. thanks to it..I have gotten a man from lord  ;) ;) in the most nonbiblical sense ;)

So much for being a movie buff... I had no idea about this movie called "Boyhood".. by Richard Linklater

From last year sundance...Waiting impatiently for before midnight for 6 !!! months.. 

To this year's ... exponential ignorance !!

Its a unique movie .. a timelapse photography of a human being.. shot over 12 yrs !

It has hints of Linklaters other works ( Before trilogy, waking life) ..and Ethan hawke !!

Though i was 15 already in 2002 where it starts.. 

i totally identify with "coming of age ".. of this 6 yr old boy..

From video games to divorces !!....Seven Harry potters...discovering city..awkwardness..

new girl in the class...crushes...puberty..adieus..and........

College !!

Only... I wish life came up with such climactic epiphanies !! 

( "The moment seizes you".. see the movie !!)

You dont learn to surrender to awkwardness of life.... like Linklater wants...

You dont figure everything out.. 

Even if you are two degrees and one marriage deep in something.. 

Doesnt mean u can take your passions for granted.. for life..

For people like me ( now i know there are many :) ..

It happens again and again ...this coming of for all ages... 

Here i am .. in a new city.. up for a new degree.. i have left so much behind..

And I realize, this blog is my timelapse template..

Every post is an object in the mirror.. 

Nostalgia keeps closing in...

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